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Refinishing/Repainting Wood

September 29, 2010

This table was painted a bright neon yellow when I found it. I painted it a lighter yellow, and that was fine for awhile. But then, with use, the top began to chip, and I decided it was asking to be stripped.

The Before

Stripping paint from wood is no easy task, but certain pieces will lend themselves to this process better than others. Notice that I didn’t try to strip the entire piece, just the flat top surface. I used a stripper (a big flat metal spatula-like thing) to chip off as much paint as I could. When I had a few bits of paint that wouldn’t budge, I used a citrus-based stripping liquid. This water-based stripper is less harsh than the one that have chemicals. You’ll still want to use goggles and gloves, however.

After the paint is stripped, sand and clean the surface. Then refinish your wood surface with the wood stain of your choice. I used dark mahogany. Apply the stain with a sponge or sponge brush so it does not pool. Letting it dry for at least 24 and preferably 48 hours, apply another coat of stain, or go straight to the lacquer. I’m a fan of finishing any stain with lacquer. It’s stinky, you should only use it outside, and it’s troublesome to clean up (have some paint thinner ready) but it looks terrific. Shiny, bright, and best of all, lacquering makes the surface easy to clean.

The After

When I painted this table, I used eco-paint by Yolo Colorhouse (Air 01 and Water 04). I used a small paint brush (about a quarter inch) for the detail and a two-inch brush for the base. It took some time and effort, but this find has turned into one of my favorite pieces.

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  1. September 29, 2010 4:34 pm

    Good finishing,…i like it

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