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Rules of the Game

October 5, 2010

This note was affixed to some junk by a nervous finder.

I found this great note on some junk we found on the sidewalk. Sadly it was junk, and not junque. We had to take a pass. But it brought up an interesting question: is it OK to take junk off the sidewalk?

Well, of course it is! People put it there so someone will take it. At least, in big cities, that’s what happens. Sometimes, there’s a big “free” sign on an item, but often if someone was too lazy to bring items to the Goodwill or the Salvation Army, they were too lazy to get out a piece of binder paper and write “free” in fat black Sharpie.

But… there are still some rules.

Don’t take a chair on a porch.

Don’t take a bench that’s chained to a tree. Or chained to anything.

Don’t take anything from a bag that is out for a donation truck to remove. (Donations often have a bright yellow or green card stapled to them or on top of them.)

Don’t take a mattress… for obvious reasons.

Don’t take anything if there’s a moving truck anywhere on the street.

Don’t take anything from a shopping cart that might belong to a homeless person.

And don’t feel ashamed; you are the cure for this world’s Affluenza problem!

Just don’t go crazy, pick-up everything, and become a pack rat. Things like the below can just stay there until trash day.

Had to pass.

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